Photo and Found Object Collage Work

As a collagist and dimensional constructionist, I work in various mediums. By incorporating found objects onto my photo collage pieces, I bring depth, dimension and a literal touch of realism to these pieces. Most of my found object collages are layered and built upon, constructed in a sense, so that the viewer will engage in conversation with the piece. Well, not really an out loud conversation, but certainly a conversation with one’s mind.

At first glance, one may see conflict in my work; however, all the while I endeavor to bring harmony, conceptually, with flowing design and color.
I take pleasure in leaving final interpretation to the observer, for each will see new and old, the bright side and the dark, the serious and the humor in my work. I’ve always been fascinated by the street artist’s graffiti and the aging pockets of many of our cities. Many of the images you see in my collages are actual photos that I’ve taken and quilted together in what I believe will be an interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking experience.

In my found object art pieces, I utilize the most common stuff one finds in a junk drawer, attic, and garage or in the street. I assemble and construct these objects in a frame. These pieces are painted monochromatically in white, black or dark brown to elicit a stark effect that brings smiles to faces and thoughts to the mind. After looking at and noting what is seen in one of these pieces for 20 minutes, I guarantee you that in your next observation of the piece you will see things you missed on your first visit.
I will custom paint and personalize my found object art work.

(click on each image for a larger view)

City Seens1
30W x 24H mixed media
Down the Line
12x12x12 mixed media model

Degrees of Separation
10x12x2 mixed media

work in progress
24W x 47H
work in progress
35W x 36H
City Seens 2
50W x 26H

Money Talks #1
40W x 28H
25W x 21H
Fat Tuesday
25W x 21H

28W x 34H
28W x 31H
City Seens #3
26W x 30H